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Individual and customized solutions

Our versatile machine park ensures flexible and efficient production

Plant construction

Besides traditional mechanical engineering, our machinery and our team's knowhow allow us to manufacture sophisticated plants and plant components.
Our engineers' and technicians' long experience, paired with the latest CAD software, offers our customers from a wide range of industrial sectors the ideal basis for the planning and realization of complex projects.
A fixed contact person and a well-coordinated project team for all phases of the design, planning, and manufacturing process, as well as in-house production of all components, ensure efficiency, planning reliability, consistent high quality, and adherence to set deadlines and benchmarks.
We offer our customers individual solutions in the field of plant construction, including all technical components such as electrics, hydraulics, and pneumatics, assembled ready for use and, on request, delivered safely by our logistics partners. Furthermore, we also ensure the supply of reserve and replacement parts for years to come.

Raw-Material Recycling Plant

Feld mills
What can be done with all this refuse?
This question has always been and is still today of vital importance if we want to behave responsibly in terms of our planet and its resources.
Our contribution: FELD mills!
Bei der Planung der Komponenten steht für uns neben dem ökologischen der ökonomische Aspekt im Vordergrund.
When planning components, we focus on both ecological and economical aspects. Of course, composite materials of any kind represent a particular problem. Cables are sheathed in plastics, other products are surface-treated with copper or chromium; and there are many more such examples. Here, in particular, the virtues of fractionation become clear. The individual materials are cleanly separated from one another and regranulated, and are then reused as raw materials.
The derived fractions form the starting materials for a host of new products.
The special technology in FELD mills finely grinds many problem materials that can no longer be recycled by other methods.
By closely controlling the supply of air, a rotor in the grinding area produces powerful turbulence and microvortices that affect speed and direction in minute intervals.
Our "touring" FELD mill is a true highlight. This allows us to carry out test sequences at any location you choose, and with a multitude of starting substances. This way, you can test the powerful system before you make the final purchase - minimizing the risk for you!

Our expert team is always ready
to help with your inquiries.

Mechanical And Industrial Construction FELD - Germany

Our expert team is always ready to help with your inquiries.

Mechanical And Industrial Construction FELD

Tradition, quality and innovation

More than 40 years of experience in mechanical engineering, materials handling, plant engineering and gripper technology

Industrial Grabs

Industrial Grabs

The FELD range of grabs leaves nothing to be desired. For almost every conceivable task, we manufacture the equipment you need to achieve optimum results.

Conveyor Systems

Conveyor Systems

We provide movement - conveyor belts, conveyor technology, bulk material distribution systems, dosing systems, wet slagters and special solutions for every application and every industry.



Mechanical engineering is one of our traditional areas of activity, and one in which we have been successful from the beginning. Our customers come from all fields of mechanical engineering and plant construction.

Planning & Assembly

Planning & Assembly

All from a single source - individual and tailor-made solutions for complex projects in the areas of conveyor systems, industrial grippers and in machine and plant construction.

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