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Tradition, quality, and innovation

in mechanical engineering, plant construction, conveyor systems and grabs


In 1978, Heinz-Werner Feld founded a new company for metalworking and mechanical engineering.
Its customers were primarily from the domestic and mining industries. From a very early stage, Mr. Feld recognized that retaining strong links with the mining industry could not ensure long-term success.
So, the company changed tack in the early 80s, concentrating on other large-scale industries such as steelworks and aluminium smelters. Initially still a contract manufacturer, Mr. Feld was quick to invest in future strategies and rose to the challenges and demands of a complex market.
Targeted investments and developments by the current managing director, Andreas Renner, succeeded in creating a competitive, innovative, and forward-looking company.
Mechanical engineering is exposed to constant technological change, as well as to constantly changing customer-specific requirements. It is our goal to rise to these challenges with knowhow and experience.
Today, with its committed team of 70 employees and the latest innovative machinery, the Feld company represents a competent and efficient player in the machinery and plant-construction sector.
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Products & Quality

Versatile machinery allows us to offer flexible and efficient manufacturing in the fields of turning, milling, drilling, and grinding.
With currently 70 employees, we can process a wide range of materials used in mechanical engineering according to drawings, sketches, or samples. The raw materials are supplied by us or our customers.
Our high level of technology, qualified employees, and over 30 years of experience ensure that you receive the best possible quality.
Today, Feld GmbH's area of activity extends well beyond the classic areas of business and engages our employees and machinery in an optimal fashion in the center of their competencies and performance: high versatility and top quality through use of the latest technology by committed personnel.

Growing with challenges

We have, in the meantime, specialized on complex customer requirements. We meet these demanding technical challenges with practicable and affordable solutions. Through this, we grow in competence, knowhow, and experience.
Quality is no coincidence! This is why we introduced a quality-management system over 20 years ago. We are currently certified according to DIN EN 9001:2015.
In our company, our focus is always on the customer. We aim to nurture a stable and credible relationship of trust with the customer.
Throughout the project, a competent contact person is there at the customer's side.
Our team always endeavors to build effective, partnership-based links through a high level of personal engagement.
Ranges of services aimed at specific target groups underline our commitment to customer orientation.
The quality of our work depends directly on our employees' high level of qualification.
Constant further training for our employees and high-quality on-the-job training for our apprentices are therefore an essential component of our philosophy.

Our expert team is always ready
to help with your inquiries.

Mechanical And Industrial Construction FELD - Germany

Our expert team is always ready to help with your inquiries.

Mechanical And Industrial Construction FELD Germany

Satisfied industry customers

Names are not just hollow words.

Not, at least, the names of our valued customers, who are highly appreciative of our commitment and our decades of experience.

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