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Our Industial grabs for reliable requirements

We offer you the ideal solution for you, depending on your performance, handling and local conditions.


The FELD range of grabs leaves nothing to be desired. For almost every conceivable task, we manufacture the equipment you need to achieve optimum results.
Our modular system is a highlight of the motor-grab sector. The drive-unit and working-cylinder assemblies, and the jaws, form the consistent basic construction for FELD's Delta and Omega motor grabs.
Depending on the required power and type of loads to be handled, the individual assemblies can be combined according to the modular system, e.g., if a specifically heavy and compact load necessitates a relatively strong drive unit. For light, easily grabbed loads, jaws of a lighter construction are used.

FELD-ALPHA - the multi-rope orange-peel grab

Versatile areas of application, ideal for gripping bulky loads.

FELD-DELTA - the motor clamshell grab

The best choice for bulk materials, such as ore, coal, sand.

FELD-OMEGA - the motor orange-peel grab

Suitable for bulky and coarse bulk solids such as scrap, stones, refuse.

Sophisticated technology, first-rate quality.

Made in Germany

FELD-SIGMA - the multi-rope clamshell grab

The rope grab for ports an incinerators.


The specialized motor grab for unloading ships.


Ideal for the paper industry to remove debris from the pulp.


Available quickly to meet any need.

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