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Maschinenbau Feld

Professional solutions in mechanical engineering, plant construction, and grab technology

Winkelfeld 3-7
D-45739 Oer-Erkenschwick

Telefon: +49 (0) 2368 / 98 89-0
Telefax: +49 (0) 2368 / 98 89-27
E-Mail: info@maschinenbau-feld.de

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A collection of information on Maschinenbau Feld

FELD GmbH - investments in the future

2017 began with innovations on the area of the FELD GmbH, on this occasion, became to her entrance area on 300 m first ² completely anew paved. The works found in January, 2017 on the company area in Oer-Erkenschwick instead of and are already completely concluded./p>

However, it was invested not only in "stones", but also in new machines. On this occasion, it was exchanged the old MAZAK Integrex 35 for new I-400 MAZAK. The Mazak I-400 is a multi-function-machine of the newest generation. /p>

She offers the highest versatility and efficiency with the most modern technology and therefore also environmental friendliness and energy savings. The machines of the series INTEGREX i were conceived completely anew. The anew conceived machines are achievement-stronger and show a bigger tool admission capacity than any other multi Funktions machine of this size class. /p>

Besides, the LED emitters were also brought in several manufacturing halls on the newest state, through this the lighting situation was optimised and as a positive side effect costs were reduced./p>

Ergonomically, ecologically friendly, and marked by excellent added value the new investments fit clearly to the sighting and wishes of the FELD GmbH.


With a fine tradition the FELD Maschinenbau PLC participated in this year's AOK Company Run. Twelve members of staff started under best weather conditions, heading for a 5,3 Kilometer distance mileage. Thereby the best runners of the FELD Maschinenbau PLC finished the course under 25 minutes.

The AOK Company Run has evolved from a rather small activity to a well attended sporting event that takes place once a year. Companies of all trades with their location in the region Vest are eagerly looking forward to this competition, as well as the masses of enthusiastic spectators do. Therefore, the AOK Company Run as a meanwhile established institution set a record this year: more than 1200 male and female runners signed up, willing to achieve.

The FELD Maschinenbau PLC, however, turns this very special runners day into a very special Company event. For this purpose, the sporty Company team presents and enjoys unique jerseys which are self-designed and brand-new manufactured on occasion for every single year.

Feld Group's first Appearance as a brand new Joint Venture on "Schüttgut 2015", the Fair of Innovations in Bulk Material

Decades of tradition and an engine building industry based on solid workmanship are still in great demand these days. To meet the requirements of modern markets, single strings of a company should join forces to sum up their particular assets. This bundle of single qualities will merge to a totally new ensemble of competence, which is most beneficial. That is why the joint venture of the companies "FELD Maschinenbau", "FELD Kleinerüschkamp" and "FELD Rides GmbH" is of utmost advantage. This strategic alliance of three powerful partners now operates under the name of "FELD Group". And this newly established group now first introduced itself on the "Schüttgut 2015", a fair of innovations in bulk material.

From November 4th - 5th, the FELD Group showed up at the "Schüttgut 2015" with its company segments "FELD Maschinenbau" and "FELD Kleinerüschkamp". Norbert Kleinerüschkamp, CEO of "FELD Kleinerüschkamp", took a first and          throughout positive stock: "Our alliance enables us to profit from a large pool of know how. Furthermore it provides the possibility of a direct practical realization of projects, which will be of the utmost benefit for all our company segments. That counts, to give an example, for the newest innovation in conveyor techniques."

Andreas Renner, CEO of "FELD Maschinenbau", expressed himself in a similar and therefore positive manner: "We think that the "Schüttgut 2015" provided for the perfect place to introduce our new technologies in an all-embracing way. We had the opportunity to bring our prospects close to many of our "old" and to so some of our new customers. That should be the perfect base to proceed into a very exciting and fascinating future of technology."

The "Schüttgut Dortmund" is one of the most important platforms, when it comes to the technologies of granulat

Dear customers, suppliers,
coworkers, and friends of the company,

"A new year, new challenges"

The first challenge of the year for three of our apprentices was to pass their final examination to become construction mechanics. Our warmest congratulations go to all three.

The second challenge for us is to integrate our new setting device from the company Zoller.

The existing setting device, also supplied by Zoller, was starting to show its age, and was replaced with a new device in February. We are delighted to be able to present the new device with Zoller's approval.

The larger adjustment range (X=<Ø1000mm, z=<600mm) makes machining of large holes more precise and more reproducible.

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The "venturion" is characterized by unique ergonomics, excellent versatility, and precision. No matter what your requirements: The ZOLLER "venturion" is available in the optimum configuration - tailored to your production processes. The robust "venturion" is ideal for all CNC manufacturing, high-precision applications, and the use of large, heavy tools.

Weiterführende Informationen zur Firma Zoller finden Sie hier >>



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