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Maschinenbau Feld

Professional solutions in mechanical engineering, plant construction, and grab technology

Winkelfeld 3-7
D-45739 Oer-Erkenschwick

Telefon: +49 (0) 2368 / 98 89-0
Telefax: +49 (0) 2368 / 98 89-27
E-Mail: info@maschinenbau-feld.de

Industrial Grabs // Grab Spare Parts and Accessories


Available quickly to meet any need

Plug-in teeth on grab's cutting edges:

An accessory for using the grab in excavation work and when breaking open hard surface layers. The plug-in teeth allow you to pick up hard-to-grip materials with, e.g., grain sizes of over 80 mm. Furthermore, the plug-in teeth make it easier for the grab to penetrate into the material being loaded, ensuring a good fill level. The plug-in teeth are made of high-quality material, are fixed into sleeves, and are easy to replace.

Shell cover:

Ideal for powdery materials such as phosphate, cement, cereals, fine coal, etc.

It protects the grabs against loss of materials, making them particularly environmentally friendly.

Grab jaws with rubber profile seal:

Particularly recommended for capturing free-flowing materials with grain sizes below 2 mm, such as soda, phosphate, and cereals.

Wipers in the grab jaws:

The wiper ensures complete emptying of the jaws when capturing adhesive materials such as clay or loam.

Hydraulics protection:

For usage in particularly tough conditions, the cylinders and drive unit (with hydraulic connections and power supply line) are effectively protected from impacts with materials being loaded and general impacts.

Rope-guiding rollers:

These ensure rope-friendly guidance, especially if the grab is predominantly working on a slope, whereby the ropes are exposed to a considerable diagonal pull.

With roller bearings - low-maintenance or maintenance-free by request.

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